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「 All Things Mochi 」用一系列現代風格的輪廓為我們打造一段獨特的文化旅程。


By supporting local talents, new jobs are created, partnerships are made and opportunities are turned into reality and quality of life is improved. Behind every collection is a story, a unique journey and a rich heritage. Today, the brand features many signature adult ready to wear collections, a vibrant children’s diffusion line, Mini Mochi and swimwear, Mochi Swim. Mochi continues to expand its global presence and has proudly participated in London Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week.


透過支持當地人才,創造新的就業機會,建立夥伴關係並提高生活的質量。 每個系列的背後都是一個故事、一個獨特的旅程和豐富的財產。如今,該品牌擁有許多標誌性的系列,除了女裝品牌外,還有兒童系列-Mini Mochi和泳裝系列-Mochi Swim Mochi繼續擴大其全球業務,並自豪地參加了倫敦時裝週、紐約時裝周和巴黎時裝週。


左: Eva Top in Blue / ‬Jimmie Pants

中: Hala Jumpsuit

右: Dory Dress‭- ‬Lemon


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