"Cubic Original" is designed not only for clothes but for a lifestyle.

London based contemporary womenswear brand

The brand has a team of designers from all over Italy, Spain, and the design is inspired by the cultural and artistic design of the region. The strong and distinct tailoring blends with the trend of the world's most rapid trends, so that the clothing itself can not only work and live. Easy to control, while showing personality and unique personal style.

For CUBIC, clothes are more than just accessories. What they want to convey is that modern women can understand themselves and feel their needs by wearing them. Even if you live in an atmosphere of ubiquitous design, you can be passionate about pursuing and understanding fashion. You can feel the quality and detail when you like design. Advocating personality, freedom, fashion, and comfortable dressing methods, living a wonderful life in a beautiful life.

2019 Spring / Summer - Inherit



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