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Striped + Straw Bag

Summer trends come and go, but straw bags and stripes are forever.  They're a timeless wardrobe essential that looks good no matter what. They’re as fit for a day at the park as they are for a trip to the office, and they’re as convenient as they are cute.  What are the best straw bags for this year? Definitely the few amazing options presented below! Let’s dive in!   季節性的趨勢總是來來去去,但是藤編包和條紋則是永遠不退流行的必備元素。 在何時何地穿著搭配,也都能顯得時髦有型。既可悠閒的在公園中渡過一天,在上班日長的穿搭也不顯違和同時也是出門遠行的好配件,既搶眼可愛又方便攜帶。 今年最好的草編袋是什麼?下面列出的幾個完美的選擇,就跟著我們一起逛街吧!